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My Personal Review Of Plexus

I want to start off this Plexus Slim Review and my comments by saying that all my success with Plexus Slim goes back to the product. It’s great and really works! No hype, just results. Now to tell you the rest of the story of how this company has changed my life for the better. When I say better, I cannot put into words just how I feel because you are not in my shoes. As of the 7th of September 2012 I turned in my resignation to a company that I worked for the past 30 years. I was in the newspaper industry and had to be on the streets in the middle of the night checking on deliveries and making sure paper routes were delivered properly. I gave up a very good paying job to go full time with the Plexus Slim product and Plexus Worldwide. So below is my Plexus Slim Review.

Plexus Slim Review of the Home Based Business

I was looking out for a home-based business in the health and fitness industry that could give me a fantastic compensation and a guaranteed monthly income and found it here at Plexus Slim Worldwide. My wait was finally over because Plexus Slim is probably one of the best network marketing companies that I have had the opportunity to be in. Not only does it come with a fantastic compensation plan but also guarantees at least 50% of the company profits go out as commissions and compensation to the Ambassadors/Reps. Left over monies are then divided up in the form of profit sharing so that the 50% or more target for that month is reached.

The fantastic Plexus products:

Plexus Slim Review of Slim and Plexus Accelerator

Plexus Slim Review

Plexus Slim Review of the two major products. Plexus Slim “The Pink Drink” and the Accelerator. These two products have become one of the most popular products in the fitness industry, as they are synonymous to convenience, safe and effective when it comes to weight loss supplements. These products have received tremendous success as testimonies and videos from people who have used it and lost weight tremendously. People have been raving about these products since they have witnessed a very positive lifestyle change as a result of consuming these amazing and effective products. Several top marketers along with nurses and doctors are recommending these products, as one of the safest methods to accelerate a weight loss program. The name of the brand and the popularity of its products is now spreading throughout the United States and Canada and now to places overseas. It’s like wild fire taking place! The company is now starting to enter their next stage of growth as one of the top network marketing companies as results are coming in of people using the products.

Plexus has approximately 15,000 representatives and the number is increasing as the customer growth is scaling new heights. I have more preferred customers then I do have Reps in my down-line team. We are a real company with real customers. I have one customer that has lost 95 lbs in the past 6 months so I know this stuff works! I personally have lost close to 40 lbs in the past year on Plexus products not to mention all the inches that are coming off. Being a customer as well as the ambassador for products makes it easier to sell them, as it gives you the chance to set yourself as an example for its effectiveness. One does not have to work hard to sell these products because their effectiveness has already made a space for themselves in the fitness industry, and people are aware of its effectiveness and its popularity.

All products sold through Plexus are completely natural and are tested by experts before they come into the market place. Plexus Slim was first tested to regulate blood sugar, but is also caused weight loss so the product became a weight loss product.

Come Grow With Our Team

Unlike other networking companies, Plexus Worldwide has their own training system and an online site that is specifically built to guide its ambassadors. The website has been categorized into different modules from which you could choose the subject matter you want to cover. Ambassadors have a meeting weekly or on a monthly basis so that they get the latest training. The company also arranges opportunity meetings.

Team Opportunity Meetings

Our team has an opportunity call every Tuesday at 8 pm Central Time. We do a review on all of the products. Every week a different person on the team will give their testimony. A second person will give an overview on the opportunity that is available with Plexus Worldwide. From time to time we offer online training and go over a subject that people request. This is a good time to get your new Ambassadors on a call so they know that there are other people on the team they can go to for help. This also makes a person feel like they are part of a growing team and gives them more then just their down-line team. Some Ambassadors will step up and have their own team opportunity meetings and we will be more then happy to help them get this started.

In Closing The Plexus Slim Review

I want to end this Plexus Slim Review by saying that Plexus Worldwide as a network marketing company that has become extremely popular and is on its way to make itself the best home based business in this industry. I’m just not saying this because I’m in this business. It really is a wonderful company backed by a lot of real team players. The management really cares about it’s Ambassadors and it shows in the way we are treated at company held events. I’d do it all over again if I had to. The company is constantly looking for new products to introduce. A receint addition was Plexus96 Protein Powder that you just add to water and drink. Other products have come out with more in the pipeline.

Thanks for your time and feel free to call me about this business.
Robin Elsenrath
Westwego & Albany LA.

Now you know part of my story and why I went full time with Plexus. I say part of my story because words in a blog just cannot describe how I feel about this Plexus Slim Review!

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  1. I’m currently overweight& have been diagnosed with type 2 diabeties. I would love to try product I’ve tried so many times to loose 150 pounds and keep
    It off . Would love to hear from u. I’m afraid of how it would affect my heart rate.

  2. Jeanetta,

    Thanks for visiting our directory. When I started using the Plexus Slim pink drink I was hypoglycemic and since using the products my blood sugar has been regulated and I no longer get those floaters when my sugar is low. You should try the products and see how you too can benefit from them as well as lose weight, lower your blood sugar, lower you cholesterol, and reduce the food cravings. I know that has sold me and I would love to speak with you more about these products and the benefits of using them. Please call me 985-705-7185 or visit my site to read my full story at

  3. I just started this product yesterday Wednesday March 12, 2013. I weigh 264 :( I am 5 foot 1 inch.. I got the 7 day pack to start off with. Praying I it works and I can eventually loose 100 pounds!

  4. Jennifer,

    The products does work and you will need to at least give yourself time to start the products by using a full month to give the products time to work, and you will notice that every two people or not the same on the products. Some people loss weight fast and others loss weight slow, but they loss the weight. You will start to see inches comes off before pounds and that is good as well. For every inch you loss its like losing a pound and you will see the differences and others will too. Please call me I look forward to speaking with you more about the products.

    ID # 81607

  5. How is your weight loss going? I’m thinking about do it and saw your post.

  6. hello i love plexus slim!!! ive lost 8 lbs in 3 wks.. its easy and no blender need which i like.. :) how i feel it will not hurt to try it u can do a 3 day trail or a 7 day trail to see if u like it….i loved it so much i joined and became an ambassador for it… good luck to you all…

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