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My Plexus Story From Ronnie in Northwest Florida

Hi, my name is Ronald Stevenson and I discovered Florida Plexus Slim in October 2012. My friends and family call me Ronnie. I am a 37 years old father of two beautiful girls. I live in Shalimar, Florida which is located in Northwest Florida along the beautiful Emerald Coast of the Panhandle of Florida.

I joined the Army in 1993 after graduating high school. I was active duty for 3 years then returned back to Florida. I transitioned from Active Duty to the National Guard and have proudly been serving for 19 years now. Upon leaving Active Duty I found a job working for Pepsi as a delivery driver. I worked my way through their system and eventually became an Area Sales Development Manager. In 2001, I was called to Active duty for Operation Nobel Eagle. I was deployed for 16 months. Upon returning back to the civilian life, after 8 years with Pepsi, I decided that I wanted to do more with the military and started applying for jobs with the government on Eglin Air Force Base.  I was hired in November 2003. I am now a Test Engineer for the Air Force. I manage and develop test plans for testing future weapons systems. In April 2007, I was once again called to Active Duty and deployed with Operation Iraqi Freedom for 1 year.

Plexus Slim the Pink Drink of Northwest Florida

My Plexus Slim weight Loss

Since coming home in April 2008 I did what a lot of other people have done. I got lazy and stopped working out. I quickly went from 200 lbs up to over 250 lbs. In October 2012, I had finally had enough with the weight gain. I started doing an Army type physical training to lose the weight and get back into shape. At 250 lbs this proved to be very challenging. After a few weeks of killing myself, I had only lost 3lbs. I talked to a friend whom had recently lost a considerable amount of weight and she told me she used Plexus Slim. I ordered my first month supply from her, and immediately lost 10lbs or so. In the first month I lost about 15lbs total. I decided to become a Plexus Ambassador since the products worked so well. Today 26 November 2012, after almost 2 months using Plexus Slim and Accelerator I now weigh 207lbs. That’s 40 lbs lost in 2 months!

I am very glad that I found Plexus, it has changed my life! I no longer dread standing on the scale and seeing the weight. Now I actually look forward to standing on the scale every couple of days to see my continued success. Now that I am an Ambassador, I love telling my story and helping others achieve similar results as me. Oh, and by the way, the compensation plan is really great! It’s so much better then the ones I have seen in other network marketing companies.

Florida Plexus Slim Home Business

I’m doing very well in the weight loss area plus my Plexus Slim preferred customers are growing in number. Preferred customers are customers that are on auto-ship and order on a monthly basis. They save about 10% on their orders by being preferred customers and can cancel or change their orders at any time. I have signed up several people into the business as Ambassadors but I’m looking for more to join with me. If you are interested in having a Florida Plexus Slim home business of your own then get in contact with me at 850-420-5970.

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