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Ambassador Wanted For New York: Join our Plexus Slim team and get listed here!

Join at:  or
Call Robin at 225-636-0818  or  Bill at 225-413-8928

As you grow your team they will be listed under you on this page. We will also start you out with our own personal starter kit.


Wanted: New Your Plexus Slim Representatives aka Ambassadors

Wanted, New York Plexus Slim representatives also known as Ambassadors to join us in New York to grow the Plexus Slim business. Plexus Slim is a unique product that is used for weight loss. Tens of Thousands of satisfied customers and Ambassadors are using the Plexus products and achieving their weight loss goals. Many are also achieving their financial goals and making a nice monthly income. The Plexus compensation plan pays you to sell and market the line of healthy products. You can buy at wholesale and sell at retail. You can also sign up other Ambassadors and get a team of people working together to build your organization. These Ambassadors can follow your lead and do the same. Your income is determined by you. Plexus supplies you with the compensation plan and you decide how you plan and run your business. There are 10 different ways you can make money or be compensated for. To learn more about the compensation plan Click Here.

Tools Of The Trade

The opportunities and tools to build a large and productive business are supplied to you through the companies back office. Equipped with lead capture pages and auto-responders your job of follow-up is made easy. When potential customers visit your personalized company website and fill out the “more information form” they will automatically receive an email corespondent sent out to them with all your information on it. They will then receive emails on a regular scheduled basis which is set by you. You can modify the email message people receive or you can use the preset letters as is. Through your back office you can order business cards, magnetic signs, brochures and many other items that will make your job easier and give you a professional image.

Plexus makes it easy to have a personalized business where you are the employee and you make the decisions. You can be as big as you want of just stay small, it’s all up to you.

Out with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and in with Network Marketing

Even though you have your own business there are many people in the business that you can partner up with and work with. The term “network marketing” is coined for this type of business model. You grow through networking with other people in your business and in other types of businesses.

Network Marketing the wave of the future is here now.

Network Marketing is now becoming the wave of the future and the future is here now. Network Marketing makes for a very sensible business model with so many people out of a job and looking to start a home business. The two put together makes a lot of business sense. Lets take our cell phones and use them as an example as a way to apply network marketing to out everyday life. Almost everyone now a days needs and uses a cell phone. Without it we have gotten to where we cannot function efficiently. Carrying around your phone in your pocket or purse is like having a virtual office with you. Your can set appointments and have your phone remind you of the appointment and then call the person or people you are suppose to meet with. Instead of an in person real live face to face meeting you are having the next best thing which is a meeting where you are communicating over your cell phone to one another. Next best thing,,, maybe its really the best way to communicate and hold a meeting. This is often called a webinar which can be open ended or closed ended. In either type of webinars you have a moderator. In an opened ended webinar you usually have the opportunity to talk back or “raise your hand” and ask a question.

Having your meeting over internet  with you.Our phone is our message center. Join with us and be part of New York Plexus Slim.

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  1. i am plexus worldwide distributor and I have very good price, example: I sell the kit plexus plexus slim + acelerator or boost = 50$, you pay after you receive.

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