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California Plexus Slim Independent Ambassadors

Larry Actor Weissman – 213-494-8220 Los Angeles, Hollywood, California


Visit Larry’s Plexus page on this site at: Plexus Slim Pink Prink Of California  Fresno, Clovis, Sanger, Hanford, Orange Cove, Selma, Mandera, Visalia, Tulare, Paicines, CA – California Plexus Slim

We are looking for people in the following cites to join us in this business. Bakersfield, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Stockton, Fremont, San Diego, Long Beach, North Valley, Irvine, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Modesto, Santa Rosa, Roseville and many more. California Plexus Slim is just getting started and leaders are wanted in all areas that are money motivated. You will be supported by my up-line that is a husband wife team that is always available to help you and answer any questions you may have about the products and business. You can call Robin at 225-636-0818 or Bill at 225-413-8928 . Mention you visited this website Plexus Directory California and which person you want to sign up under. 

For orders call the people listed on this page and then call Robin or Bill at 225-413-8928. If you live in California I would suggest that you call Kari above or Larry below and talk to these people that live in California. Larry is a professional network marketer and would be happy to have you on his team. Robin and Bill will also be your contact person and will help you get your business going in California and list you here on this page when you make Silver Ambassador. If you need help signing up just call me and I will walk you through the process. At the present time Larry Weissman is the primary contact for California Plexus Slim the state. Bill Elsenrath is the backup for the state and this website owner. Call Bill if you have any questions about the Plexus Slim products. All new people signing up to be Ambassadors in California will be placed in Larry’s down-line but will still be directly trained by Bill. You can contact Bill at 225-413-8928 or call Larry at the number provided below.

Los Angeles – California Plexus Slim

Larry Weissman  213-494-8220 Plexus Slim is still a very new product to the State of California even though it has been on the market for over 5 years now. The product had not been marketed over the internet very much until the past year when more online network marketers have joined the ranks. Larry is one of those people and comes with years of experience in the marketing field.

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  6 Responses to “California Plexus Slim”

  1. I’m not looking to become an ambassador. Just wanting to use the product. Is that possible?

    • Hi , i will like more information with an ambassador in Spanish , will be great if is close to my area Rancho Santa margarita . Thanks

  2. Hi, I am located in Riverside, CA California and I would be happy to give you any information on Plexus. You can definitely purchase the products as a customer or an ambassador, that is not a problem!

    You can contact me anytime at:

    Jessica Catota

  3. Oops, so sorry to Larry Weissman. I followed a link to the question that someone was asking regarding Plexus and I thought this was an open public forum. I just now realized that this is your private page. Please DELETE my last reply to the people inquiring about Plexus. It was not my intention to steal your lead.

    Again, I am sorry about that!! -Jessica Catota 951-398-4860

    • Hi Jessica,

      I am the owner of this website . As far as your post goes, it is ok to post here if you live in that state. I am no longer keeping it for my team. I am opening comments to all Plexus Ambassadors and customers because I know how hard it is to find Ambassadors. Many times you search an area and find no one. People also come and go making it hard to keep this site up to date.

      The main thing is to make sure your post are Plexus compliant. Follow their instructions as to what and how you can post on social media. I am a Plexus Ambassador myself and have had to take post and comments off this site.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Bill Elsenrath

      PS – If you have a website or social site, Twitter, Facebook, etc, please send a Tweet of FB Like to the page you post on. This helps all on this site and especially the person placing the comment here.

  4. I like to buy some product want to see if any one sells it here.

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