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Plexus Slim Pink Drink For Weight Loss

Plexus Slim is known as The Pink Drink for weight loss. This directory brings you a sample of just a few of the Plexus Ambassadors on our team. There are many more people that represent Plexus then what is listed here in this directory. To find people in your area you can look below at your state and see if there is anybody listed. If no one is listed then you need to do a search on the internet. It is best if you do your own search by city and state with the words Plexus Slim Worldwide Ambassadors. This should pull up someone in your area. You are also best to purchase products from someone you know and is in your area that will honor the 60 day money back guarantee. Good Luck and we wish you the best!

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Un-Official Directory-Incomplete Listing of Independent Ambassadors on one team. Personal Website and NOT a Company sponsored website. Contact Plexus Headquarters at 480-998-3490.

Plexus Slim Ambassador Listings By State Below

Un-listed States Click Here - Add your free listing here. You must include your story of 200 words or more to be accepted. 1-2 backlinks allowed. See Disclosure Notice above.
AlabamaRebecca Rogers – 256-506-2960  Visit Ruth’s site at Plexus Slim
Arkansas – Southern part of the State
Arizona – Tucson Arizona Plexus Ambassador available here.
California – Los Angeles Area and Frisco
FloridaPanhandle and Miami area covered
Georgia -
Hawaii -
Louisiana – Many areas covered. Robin 225-636-0818   Ruth 985-705-7185
Maine -
Michigan – Active
Minnesota – Active
Missouri -
Mississippi - Join a Mississippi team member and get listed in this directory.
New Mexico – Join or order from a growing team in New Mexico.
New York -
Oklahoma – We have a team started in OK and looking for more to join.
Tennessee – Active Plexus Rep in Nashville
Many areas of Texas are covered. Amarillo, Dallas, Tyler, Houston, Orange and more.
Washington State - Group of Plexus Ambassadors in the Tri State Area.

Wisconsin – Two active reps.

Independent Ambassadors for Plexus Worldwide
Robin 225-636-0818 Westwego, LA
Bill 225-413-8928 Albany, LA

Self Improvement from - Great site for self growth and personal improvement.

Information About This Plexus Slim Directory

This is an independent directory presented by several Plexus Independent Ambassadors that stock Plexus Products and wanted to offer their customers and future customers a place to go to and get Plexus products delivered to them in person by their closest Plexus Independent Ambassador in their City and State. If you join our team and plan to keep product in stock then we will add you to the State listing above. The first person that joins will be the person that gets listed at the top of that States directory page. To stay at the top of your State listing you just have to stay active and agree on the information below.

The Plexus Worldwide Independent Ambassadors that are in this Plexus Directory have agreed to keep some Plexus products in stock.
They also do the following:

1. To carry and have in inventory a supply of Plexus products.
2. Have a defined area of delivery of these products.
3. Offer same or next day delivery whenever possible.
4. Supply their customers with a phone number to get in contact with them.
5. Put the customer 1st.
6. Become and stay Silver or above.

By no means is this a complete directory of all the Plexus Ambassadors that are in the company. This is only a directory of Ambassadors of the Elsenrath family’s downline and select Ambassadors that have made an agreement with them to be in this directory. Every attempt will be made to keep this directory up to date and accurate but we cannot be held responsible for omissions and errors.

Plexus Slim Worldwide

Plexus Slim

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Plexus Compliance Approval code: 5161336170-2


Disclosure Notice: Site owner & people listed are Plexus Worldwide Independent Ambassadors and may make a compensation.

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  1. This page has just been opened for comments. Feel free to post comments about Plexus.

    Comments posted may be removed at webmasters discretion for any reason. In the past other pages have been open for comments but most people did not realize this and only a few comments were posted. I hope this now gets noticed and more comments are posted by customers and Plexus Ambassadors and others that can add value to this site.

    NOTICE – Plexus Ambassadors must add at least a 50 word About Me comment if they post the information below. Longer post are welcome but duplicate content will be removed.

    Plexus Ambassadors can post the following:
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. City and State
    4. Website
    5. DONOT post prices for any reason!

    Disclosure Notice: The webmaster is a Plexus Worldwide Independent Ambassador and may make a compensation from people ordering products from personal and website links on this site. The webmasters wife is also a Plexus Ambassador.

  2. My name is Ruth Hart an Independent Plexus Ambassador that’s actively looking for new reps to join my team from all areas. I live in the Mandeville area and deliver to all local areas. I have enjoyed being in Plexus and seeing how these products have changed my anf friends around me over the past year. All the products are amazing. I love sharing the products with others and helping them to start their Plexus Journey. I set up a booth at the Mandeville Trailhead Community Market on Saturdays and give brief product and business information. If you think that you are ready to get started in Plexus I would be happy to help you.

    Plexus Worldwide company site –

    Ruth 985-705-7185
    Mandeville, Louisiana

    To learn about me visit my personal site at

  3. Bill thanks for approving my post

    • Thanks for your comments. Hopefully opening up the 1st page (homepage) for comments this will get more people placing comments along with their information.

      People are welcome to do an about me comment up to as much as 300 words. I would like to see at least 50 but the more the merrier. The post that are just name phone number and city and state and no testimony or comment will be deleted.

      Comments are open for each State listed along with:
      People have not really used these pages above. They are using the State comment section at the bottom of each page.

      Plexus Ambassadors with questions please call me, Bill 225-413-8928. You will probably have to leave me a message which I will return on a next call basis. Please leave a detailed message. Customers please do not call me. Call a person listed in this directory and in the comments listed here.

  4. I’m wanting in formating and a rep near my area so that I an use Plexus, however I don’t want to become an ambassador. Is that possible?

  5. I’m wanting information and a rep near my area so that I an use Plexus, however I don’t want to become an ambassador. Is that possible?

  6. I am a Pacific Northwest WA. State Plexus Ambassador. I have been an Ambassador since 2013. I started taking the products because I am allergic to a lot of things and because the products are natural and plant based I knew I would not have to worry about reactions and harmful chemicals. I no longer have migraines or have horrible digestion problems. I am No longer lactose intollerant. I am in a better mood, get rest, and have tons of energy. My anxiety is so much better and I have learned so much about how the gut works and how important it is to take a Probiotic. I am about an hr. North of Seattle and love Plexus!

  7. Hi I live in North Carolina originally from Minnesota I’ve been with Plexus since July 17th, 2015 I immediately signed up my daughter and we haven’t looked back! I am finally feeling human again. I feel my health returning and it has given me a new out look on life! Anyone feeling sluggish and icky just try a seven day pack…. 60 day money back guarantee!

  8. Where can I buy Plexus slim in South- Africa. Or caN I become a distributor?

  9. i am plexus worldwide distributor and I have very good price, example: I sell the kit plexus plexus slim + acelerator or boost, you pay after you receive.

    My Email is

    Notice: This comment was edited due to the posting of prices which is against company policy.

  10. your info is very nice ;) thanks

  11. I am trying to find someone in New York City but not having any luck. Can you send me someone if available. Just post to my Plexus Slim Cost site at

  12. I am looking to re-start my Plexus business. I have moved a lot in the past few years and just haven’t had the time.

    I called corporate, and they wanted to put me under a high-level seller, but I want to sign up under someone who is relatively new so that my sales will make a difference in their organization.

    I’m looking for someone who is no higher than a Gold. Please e-mail me at if you are in North Carolina.



    • I will be selling plexus products April 1st. I have been using the triplex combo since March 14th and am loosing weight and sleeping better. I can send you more information then with my website, etc. Linetta

  13. I am from South Africa and want to buy Plexus slim and Probio5. Is there an ambassador in South Africa. How do I buy these products? Thanks

  14. Hey all, looking to become a Plexus ambassador in Pennsylvania. Anybody out there that can help me in the area? Maryland or New Jersey ambassadors would be okay too.

  15. Nice information provided by your site ..

  16. Nice Information , from this i want know more about Plexus

  17. If anyone is looking to sign up in NC Hickory area shoot me an email would love to help!

  18. what does it mean “active” mean for Michigan?

  19. Hello!

    I’m looking for a Plexus ambassador in Orange County, CA. Both LA and Fresno are pretty far from my home. Would love for someone to please contact me.

    Thank you!

    • I have a friend not too far from you, Sabrina. She’s very knowledgeable and will help in every way possible. You can find her on Facebook; Adriana Bell.

      I hope someone helped you before this.


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  21. Hi is this a directory? how add our business here?

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