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[UNOFFICIAL DIRECTORY NOW OPEN to all Ambassadors to add their listing to their State only. Add listing and link in the COMMENT SECTION of your State. Un-listed States CLICK HERE You must include 75 to 300 words of original content on "Why I Love Plexus". NOTICE: I reserve the right to reject any comment that is repeated, negative, bashing or for any other reason I see fit.]

Un-Official Plexus Directory-Incomplete Listing of Plexus Independent Ambassadors . This is a Personal Website and NOT a Company sponsored website. Contact Plexus Headquarters 480-998-3490

Listings By State And City Below – Un-listed States Click Here

AlabamaWe have an opening for you in this directory! REP WANTED
Arkansas – Southern part of the State
Arizona – Tucson Arizona Plexus Ambassador available here.
California – Los Angeles Area and Frisco
FloridaPanhandle and Miami area covered
Georgia -
Hawaii – We now have a Plexus Ambassador in Hawaii
LouisianaMost of Louisiana is covered by Plexus Ambassadors.
Maine -
Massachusetts – Active Plexus Ambassador in Boston
Michigan – Active Plexus Ambassador
Minnesota – Active Plexus Ambassador that stocks Plexus Slim and Accelerator
Missouri -
Mississippi - Join a Mississippi team member and get listed in this directory.
New Mexico – Join or order from a growing team in New Mexico.
New York -
Oklahoma – We have a team started in OK and looking for more to join.
Tennessee – Active Plexus Rep in Nashville
Many areas of Texas are covered. Amarillo, Dallas, Tyler, Houston, Orange and more.
Washington State - Group of Plexus Ambassadors in the Tri State Area.

Wisconsin – Two active Plexus Ambassadors are here to help you. Come grow with us!

Other Countries
Edmonton Canada and other areas. Call Gary 780-669-9466 or 303-482-2100 USA
Australia – Call Gary (02) 8310 4199

Independent Ambassadors for Plexus Worldwide
Robin 225-636-0818 Westwego, LA
Bill 225-413-8928 Albany, LA

Self Improvement from

Information about Plexus Slim in this Directory

This is an independent directory presented by several Plexus Independent Ambassadors that stock Plexus Products and wanted to offer their customers and future customers a place to go to and get Plexus products delivered to them in person by their closest Plexus Independent Ambassador in their City and State. If you join our team and plan to keep product in stock then we will add you to the State listing above. The first person that joins will be the person that gets listed at the top of that States directory page. To stay at the top of your State listing you just have to stay active and agree on the information below.

Plexus Slim and Accelerator For Sale Or Order - Listings By State

Plexus Slim Directory And Listings By State

The Ambassadors that are in this Plexus Directory have agreed to keep some Plexus products in stock.
They also do the following:

1. To carry and have in inventory a supply of Plexus products.
2. Have a defined area of delivery of these products.
3. Offer same or next day delivery whenever possible.
4. Supply their customers with a phone number to get in contact with them.
5. Put the customer 1st.

By no means is this a complete directory of all the Plexus Ambassadors that are in the company. This is only a directory of Ambassadors of the Elsenrath family’s downline and select Ambassadors that have made an agreement with them to be in this directory. Every attempt will be made to keep this directory up to date and accurate but we cannot be held responsible for omissions and errors.

CALL ROBIN AND BILL 225-636-0818

Visit our other site at .  Our other Plexus Directory has been discontinued.



Plexus Compliance Approval code: 5161336170-2

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